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Orion and the Dark by Emma Yarlett is a beautiful book from the first page to the last. From the color of the cover and on actually! A sweet, fun, soothing story of trying to conquer your fears.

Orion, the cutest bunny slipper wearing cutie, is scared of many, many things, but the dark is his biggest fear. He has tried everything from glow worms to hoping to invent the everlasting lightbulb. Until one night, Orion stands up and demands the Dark to go away! But the Dark comes down and introduces himself instead. With glowing stars and glowing smiles, the Dark comes to life on the page. And Orion’s adventure kicks off from their very first handshake—which is one of my favorite pages ever in picture book history! The handshake page is a remarkable piece of art. You have to see it! Off they go through the night…Orion and Dark tour the shadows, the basement, and the sounds in the dark together. Is the Dark really scary?

”There, in the darkest place of all, I realized the Dark could be fun, and the Dark could be interesting, and the Dark could be magical.”

Now if I had to find something to complain about with this book, I could say that some words were hard to read or see at times. The print was too light or small in some of the word bubbles here and there. BUT really it didn’t steal any of the story magic for me. In fact, it may even have added to the magic. When it became a challenge for me to see a word, I would lean into the light to try to make out every detail and word on the page.

Highly recommended. A read so full of imagination and magic!


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